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Join Us for Resistance Summer

Kentucky Democratic Party




We must call for unity and action among all Kentuckians to defend the common values we hold dear during the nationwide initiative Resistance Summer.

Fellow Democrats and Kentuckians with any or no political affiliation, there is no greater time for us to come together than now.

Resistance Summer events gives us a chance to stand united as a state against the policies working against Kentucky and its working families. It’s a chance to reach out to our fellow state residents who feel disenfranchised by the political process and ask them to join us in resisting the very policies crippling the many and benefiting the few.

Resistance Summer goals

  • Conduct phone banks;
  • Canvass communities to get involved in the resistance;
  • Voter registration drives and campus organizing.

At a time when reforms like a grocery tax would hurt the most vulnerable in our state who live on fixed incomes, when laws crafted in Washington D.C. put access to affordable health care in jeopardy and we experience the recent federal overreach in regards to our voting privacy rights, we must stand together.

Resistance Summer kickoff begins July 15 across the state in locations like Hopkinsville, Louisville, Lexington, Morehead and Covington.

There will be additional strategy tours throughout the state to gather Kentuckians for a constructive conversation about the issues important and specific to them.


Facts and issues specific to Kentucky we must resist

• Under the proposed House’s bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  health insurance cost would increase $2,804 on average for Kentuckians and more for older residents;

• According to the Economic Policy Institute by 2022, 85,647 jobs could be lost if a bill similar to the ACHA proposed in the U.S. House is passed;

•  About 541,000 more Kentuckians are expected to be uninsured by 2022 under the Senate health-care bill than under the ACA  in 2022 — an increase of 231 percent, according to a June 26 report  by the  Congressional Budget Office;

• States with large Medicaid populations like Kentucky will fare far worse than other states with wealthier households. Kentucky stands to lose 55,949 jobs or almost 3 percent of the state’s workforce as a result of the bill’s passage;

•Under the proposed Senate bill, an additional 22 million more Americans will lose their health coverage.


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