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State Central Executive Committee

The SCEC is the governing body of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Members comprise Democratic activists and leaders from across the Commonwealth, all committed to electing Democrats.

There are presently 51 voting members of the SCEC, including members from each Congressional District, members At-Large, Democratic National Committee representatives and Democratic representatives from the General Assembly. The Presidents of the Kentucky Young Democrats and the Kentucky Democratic Woman's Club also serve as members of the SCEC.

Non-voting members of the SCEC include the Legal Counsel and Treasurer, as well as all statewide elected Democratic Constitutional Officers, U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmembers.

How do you become a member of the State Central Executive Committee?

Members of the SCEC are elected at the Kentucky Democratic Party Congressional and State Conventions, held during every Presidential election year. They are elected by county-wide and legislative district (Fayette and Jefferson counties) delegates, and serve four-year terms.

The Chief Executive Officers of the State Central Executive Committee are the Chair and Vice-Chair.

For more information, please refer to the bylaws.

Chair & Vice-Chair

Daniel Logsdon, Chairman, lives in Lexington and has served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Beshear since September. Prior to joining the Beshear administration, Logsdon worked for Windstream Communications for five years, supervising local and state government affairs in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He has also served as Deputy Treasurer for Jonathan Miller.

Susie Watkins, a native of Henderson County, is retired from thirty-one years of teaching elementary school, including two as a Distinguished Educator. She has been a constant presence in Democratic politics due in part to her late husband, long time Henderson County Judge Executive Sandy Watkins. Susie credits her "Yellow Dog Democrat" leaning to Sandy's tireless efforts on behalf of the party. A grandmother of two, Watkins has two grown sons.

State Central Executive Committee Members

Denzil Allen
Alison Amon
Queenie Averette
Ann Ballard
Crystal Chappelle
Lindsay Dickinson
Milly Diehl
Andrea Ewen
Clay Ford
DeeDee Ford
Liz Fossett
Susanna French
Joey George
Steve Gold
Representative Derrick Graham
Joe Graviss
Tom Guidugli
Lou Gunnell
Diane Hancock
Kathy Hinkle
Phinis Hundley
Cody Johnson
Romamza Johnson
Charlotte Lundergan
Brenda McClanahan
Tiffany Miller
George Mills
Charlie Moore
Jim Morphew
Senator Gerald Neal
Jeff Noble
Representative Ruth Ann Palumbo
Emi Ramirez
Austin Redmon
Bill Ryan
Jordan Shewmaker
Roy Sizemore
Jim Stammerman
Bob Stewart
Kathy Jo Stubblefield
Winnie Townsend
Jeanie Trumbo
Karen Ward
Michelle Williams
Alan Winkenhofer
Marcus Woodward