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Check the Box to Help Defeat Mitch McConnell

The Kentucky Political Party Tax Check-Off allows Kentuckians to make an investment in the political party of their choice by simply making a check on their Kentucky Income Tax Form under the heading “Political Party Fund.” By checking the box next to “Kentucky Democratic Party” you allocate $2 of your tax payment toward Kentucky Democrats – $1.50 to the KDP and 50₵ to your county party. This is the single easiest way to support your Kentucky Democratic Party and it won’t cost you a dime.

This year, the tax check-off is more important than ever before. Checking the box will help us raise much needed revenue to prepare for the fight to defeat Mitch McConnell. We've created the infographic below to help illustrate why the program is so important. Please share it with your friends and encourage them to check the box as well.

You can also make a donation to help us prepare today.