Stay Connected Will Help Americans Understand Their Voting Rights and How to Exercise Them in Their State

Today, Obama for America is launching, the campaign’s bilingual, cutting-edge resource to help Americans understand their rights to vote, and know how to exercise it in their state. The President’s campaign is about inclusiveness and moving forward, not backward. That’s why we’re trying to get as many Americans involved as possible. That’s the true spirit of our elections and our country.

After controversies of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, most Americans expected that we would fix our election problems, not make them worse. Unfortunately, many Republican-controlled state legislatures have been taking us backward, not forward, when it comes to voting rights – sometimes changing voter registration rules in the middle of a campaign.

  • In 2011, more than 30 states introduced legislation or passed laws making it harder to vote, not easier.
  • They closed early-voting windows, election-day registration, and made it more difficult for poll workers to do their jobs.

As a country, we’re better off when more citizens can access the polls. Voting is a fundamental right, and we all have a vested interest in making sure that as many Americans as possible vote on Election Day.

That’s why is so important and is part of the campaign’s aggressive voter-protection program. answers common questions voters in any state might have, including:

  • When do I have to register by?
  • What do I need to bring to the polls?
  • Can I vote early?
  • Where is my polling place? is a one-stop shop for getting the facts on voting, reminders for key dates and deadlines, and alerts on the status of voting rights in state. It’s available in both English and Spanish because different languages shouldn’t keep Americans from voting.

While we’ll have fully armed voter protection teams in precincts across the country on Election Day, protecting the right to vote starts long before November. That’s why on May 19 and 20 the campaign will hold a national GottaVote Weekend of Action to educate voters about state election laws and register new voters to grow the electorate.

We’ll connect with new voters and help them understand their rights. We’ll bring new people into our strong network of volunteers – training them and our staff on current state election laws.

We’re doing all this for a simple reason: We’ve never solved anything in America with less democracy. And we won't now. The President believes in an America where everybody can make their voices heard, regardless of who they are or what party they vote for.

He believes voting should be easy and accessible. In 2012, we should be taking down roadblocks to voting, not putting up new ones. That’s what is all about. That’s what our country is all about.