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Romney Thinks America’s Seniors “Believe They Are Victims” Even Though They’ve Worked Hard and Paid Into Social Security and Medicare Their Entire Lives

Mitt Romney has written off millions of seniors who earned and paid for their Social Security and Medicare benefits throughout a lifetime of hard work. While Romney thinks seniors see themselves as “victims,” President Obama is committed to preserving the promise of Social Security and Medicare for America’s seniors.

America’s senior citizens are among Romney’s 47 percent, and more than 9 million seniors are veterans. They’ve paid into Medicare and Social Security throughout a lifetime of hard work and responsibility in exchange for the promise of a secure retirement – a promise that President Obama is committed to preserving.

When President Obama addressed the AARP, he didn't write off half the country. He’s making sure the basic bargain of programs like Medicare and Social Security remain strong for today’s seniors and for future generations.

Obamacare is helping seniors save money and live healthier lives. Today we learned that thanks to Obamacare, the average person with regular Medicare will save $5,000 through 2022. We also learned that in just the first eight months of 2012:

  • People with Medicare saved an average of $641 on their prescription drugs because Obamacare is closing the doughnut hole.
  • More than 19 million people with Medicare got preventive care at no extra cost, including cancer screenings, immunizations and regular checkups.
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Romney and Ryan’s Medicare plan would take away the guaranteed benefits seniors earned over a lifetime of hard work and give them a voucher that caps what Medicare will cover and leaves seniors on their own for the rest. Nonpartisan experts have said a plan like this could cost people more than $6,000 a year.

  • Romney and Ryan’s voucher plan would lead 40 percent of doctors to stop treating Medicare patients, forcing many seniors to change doctors.
  • Romney’s tax plan could apply taxes to Social Security benefits to pay for his $5 trillion in new tax breaks skewed to the wealthiest. That would raise seniors’ taxes by hundreds of dollars.