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The Government Shutdown's Effect on Kentucky

Key Point: A Republican Shutdown Would Hurt Kentucky’s Economy and Middle Class

The Republican Party’s obsession with sabotaging the health care law reached a historic low today

Key Point: Republicans purposely drove the country to a government shutdown – all in an effort to try to gut Obamacare. Make no mistake; the GOP shutdown will harm the economy and the middle class.

Obamacare Implementation

Key Point: The Affordable Care Act is already benefitting millions of middle class families, and its benefits will be even broader after enrollment opens for the Health Insurance Marketplace on October 1.

Averting the Sequester

Key Point: Unless Congress acts, harmful automatic cuts that threaten hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs will hit our economy over the next few weeks. These cuts will gut vital services for children, seniors, people with mental illness and health care for our troops and military families.

Impact of March 1st Cuts on Middle Class Families, Jobs and Economic Security in Kentucky

Key Point: Our economy is continuing to strengthen but we cannot afford a self-inflicted wound from Washington. Republicans should compromise and meet the President in the middle. We cannot simply cut our way to prosperity, and if Republicans continue to insist on an unreasonable, cuts-only approach, Kentucky risks paying the price.

The fiscal cliff agreement will accomplish deficit reduction through a combination of spending cuts and increased revenue

Key Point: The President kept his promise to raise tax rates on millionaires and billionaires and prevented a middle-class tax hike that could’ve sent the economy back into recession. This bipartisan deal is the first time in two decades that rates have been raised on the wealthiest Americans.

President Obama asked Americans to share their personal stories about what a $2,000 tax hike would mean for their families

Key Point: If Congress fails to take action, a typical middle-class family of four would face a tax hike of $2,200. If we act quickly, we can avoid this blow to consumer spending during the critical holiday season. We can make our voices heard in this debate by tweeting, calling or writing to our representatives.

In the first debate the President spoke directly to the American people about his vision for an economy that grows from the middle out not the top down

Key Point: It was a clear contrast to Mitt Romney who spent the night doubling down on the same bad ideas that crashed the economy. Romney also tried to run from his $5 trillion tax cut, a proposal that he has been peddling for 18 months, which is a tax cut that favors the wealthy not the middle class.

Romney Thinks America’s Seniors “Believe They Are Victims” Even Though They’ve Worked Hard and Paid Into Social Security and Medicare Their Entire Lives

Key Point: Mitt Romney has written off millions of seniors who earned and paid for their Social Security and Medicare benefits throughout a lifetime of hard work. While Romney thinks seniors see themselves as “victims,” President Obama is committed to preserving the promise of Social Security and Medicare for America’s seniors.

OFA Launches “For All” Initiative, Bringing Young Americans Together to Protect the Progress We’ve Made and Keep Moving Forward

Key Point: OFA’s new “For All” initiative speaks to the shared values of President Obama and young Americans across the country. If we work together, we can keep moving forward and restore the values that made our country great and created the strongest middle class the world has ever known – hard work, responsibility, fairness and opportunity.

Romney Is On the Wrong Side of Every Issue Important to Latino Voters; He Would Have to Reverse All of His Extreme Positions to Earn Their Support

Key Point: Romney’s extreme Latino makeover is too little, too late. He’s on the wrong side of every issue important to Latino voters, from economic and health security to education, and he’s the most extreme presidential candidate on immigration in modern history.

ROMNEY INSULTS, WRITES OFF HALF THE COUNTRY: Behind closed doors with a group of his wealthy donors, Mitt Romney disdainfully insults and writes off half of the country.

Key Point: As a candidate for President of the United States, Mitt Romney shockingly declared to a group of wealthy donors that nearly half of the American people – 47 percent – view themselves as “victims,” entitled to handouts, and unwilling to take “personal responsibility” for their lives. It’s hard to be president of all the people when you write off half of them. Please see Mother Jones’ exclusive video of Mitt Romney’s behind closed door remarks.

The President’s Education Reforms Are Helping Students Achieve and Strengthening Our Economic Competitiveness; Romney-Ryan Would Mean Fewer Teachers and More Crowded Classrooms

Key Point: President Obama believes a good education is an economic necessity for everyone and a key part of creating an economy built to last. He’s spurring reform across the country and relieving schools from No Child Left Behind’s unworkable, top-down mandates so students can achieve and compete. Romney and Ryan would gut investments in education – which means fewer teachers and more crowded classrooms – so they can cut taxes for the wealthy, like Romney did in Massachusetts.

President Clinton Highlights the Clear Choice between President Obama’s Plan to Grow Our Economy from the Middle Class Out and Romney-Ryan’s Failed Top-Down Vision

Key Point: Obama for America has released a new ad that features President Clinton talking about the clear choice in this election. While President Obama is creating an economy built to last and built from the middle class out, Romney and Ryan would take us back to the same policies that crashed our economy and devastated the middle class.

President Obama Has Helped Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil to a 20-Year Low; Romney and Ryan Shill for Big Oil and Would Take Us Back to the Failed Policies of the Past

Key Point: Mitt Romney claims he’ll make us energy independent by 2020, but his plan won’t do it. President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy has helped lower our dependence on foreign oil to a 20-year low, is creating jobs and will help families save at the pump. Romney and Ryan return to the failed policies that created our reliance on foreign oil to appease their Big Oil donors.