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The President’s Wall Street Reforms Are Keeping Taxpayers From Risk; Romney Would Let Wall Street Write Its Own Rules Again

Key Point: President Obama’s historic Wall Street reforms are keeping taxpayers from being on the hook for financial firms’ bad decisions. Mitt Romney would let Wall Street write its own rules again, letting more bad decisions happen.

Romney Would Lead the Country As He Led Bain Capital; Middle Class Would Struggle

Key Point: Mitt Romney was a corporate-buyout specialist whose guiding principle was that as long as he and his investors walked away with millions it didn’t matter if companies went bankrupt and thousands lost their jobs. Those values won’t help us build an economy built to last, and we can’t afford to have them in the White House.

Mitt Romney Would Run the Country as He Ran Bain Capital, and the Middle Class Would Suffer

Key Point: Mitt Romney says he should be President because he was a businessman who made millions while middle-class families suffered. The values and lessons Romney learned as a corporate-buyout specialist aren’t the ones we want in the White House.

Obama for America Launches Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

Key Point: Today Obama for America is launching Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama. LGBT Americans have seen more progress under President Obama than ever before, and he’s committed to lasting and comprehensive change and equality for LGBT Americans. Mitt Romney would take us back to the failed policies of the past and a country lacking tolerance and support for its own citizens.

President Obama Is Helping America’s Schools Out-Educate the Rest of the World and Students Pay for College; We Can’t Afford Romney Economics

Key Point: Today Mitt Romney is giving yet another major policy framing speech, this time about education. The President believes education is an economic imperative and key to making long-term investments for an economy built to last. Romney didn’t make long-term investments in companies as a corporate-buyout specialist, he didn’t make long-term investments in Massachusetts’ education as governor, and he won’t make them as President.

Kentucky Prefers President Obama to Mitt Romney

Key Point: In battleground states across the country, Democrats are far more enthusiastic about President Obama than Republicans are about Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Fundraises with Donald Trump, Refuses to Stand Up to Extreme Voices in the Republican Party

Key Point: Today Mitt Romney is fundraising with Donald Trump, America’s birther-in-chief. Romney refuses to stand up to Trump and other extreme voices within the Republican Party.

America’s Small Businesses Can’t Afford Romney Economics

Key Point: Mitt Romney is visiting a Nevada small business today, distorting the President’s support for America’s small businesses. President Obama has helped small businesses grow, create jobs and lift up their communities. Romney Economics fails to help small businesses and doubles down on failed policies of the past.

Mitt Romney Shills for His Big Oil Donors, Distorts the President’s Job-Creating All-Of-The-Above Energy Strategy That’s Making Us More Energy Independent

Key Point: Today Mitt Romney is holding a clean energy event in Colorado and distorting the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s making America more energy independent. Romney is a shill for Big Oil, taking its money and doing its bidding.

New Campaign Video Outlines How Far We’ve Come, and Where We’re Going: Forward

Key Point: President Obama’s vision keeps us moving forward, toward a job-creating economy built to last – where hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share, and plays by the same rules.

One Year Ago, President Obama Boldly Authorized Operation that Killed Bin Laden

Key Point: While President Obama boldly decided in an uncertain window of opportunity to authorize the operation that finally got Osama bin Laden, Mitt Romney said he opposed taking unilateral action inside Pakistan to eliminate terrorists from the battlefield and that it wouldn’t be “worth moving heaven and earth” to get bin Laden.

The President Created Jobs Here At Home; Romney Shipped Jobs Overseas

Key Point: While President Obama has helped create jobs here in America and encouraged companies to bring jobs back home, Mitt Romney shipped jobs overseas both in the private sector and as governor of Massachusetts.

Obama Campaign Releases April Fundraising Numbers

Key Point: We’re continuing to build the largest grassroots campaign in American history with the help of 1.9 million Americans who donated to own a piece of this campaign.

Romney Economics Piled Debt on Companies and Massachusetts Taxpayers – and Would Do the Same to the Entire Country

Key Point: Mitt Romney has no credibility on controlling debt given his $5 trillion tax plan that would blow a hole in the budget, his private-sector record of piling debt on companies and his public sector record of running up debt on constituents.

Mitt Romney Would Run the Country as He Ran Bain Capital, and the Middle Class Would Suffer

Key Point: As a businessman, Mitt Romney didn’t care about strengthening companies or creating jobs – he cared most about getting a high return on his investment no matter the cost to workers, companies or communities. The values and lessons Romney learned as a corporate-buyout specialist aren’t the ones we want in the Oval Office.