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  • Bevinocchio

    The Lexington-Herald Leader reports that at an event yesterday, Matt Bevin claimed he backed Sen. Mitch McConnell following their primary. Bevin's nose grew a little bit longer. He never endorsed Sen. McConnell.

  • “Horror:” What They’re Saying About Matt Bevin and the KY GOP Primary
    The KY GOV nasty, never-ending Republican primary hasn’t been settled yet, but in the meantime there’s plenty of Republican hand-wringing about the unofficial nominee Matt Bevin and the fractured state of the Kentucky Republican Party. Here’s what they’re saying: 
  • KY GOV: Brutal GOP Primary Continues
    Following a Kentucky Republican gubernatorial primary between Matt “Bailout” Bevin and James “It Was A Bad Vote” Comer that is still too close to call, KDP Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement: