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  • KRS Interim Director David Eager "We're adding retirees faster than we are losing." After Bevin spent $1million on… 17 hours 19 min ago
  • RT : Strong Investment returns continue for Ky state pension systems — a structure Bevin has peddled as unsustainable — KRS officials say. 17 hours 26 min ago
  • Rep. puts Bevin's budget office director on the spot asking why the governor's office wanted to not fu… 17 hours 32 min ago
  • Rep.James Kay, "Teachers aren't going to call in and say 'good job for funding the teachers pension system,' teache… 17 hours 35 min ago
  • Louisville Republican Jerry Miller on the back of Bowen's politically motivated question now asking what the state… 17 hours 44 min ago
  • Bowen, who has called numerous times for no "political" comments from its members on the pension issue is now doing… 17 hours 46 min ago