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  • How the Washington GOP tax plan hurts Kentucky


    The House Republican tax bill is a giant giveaway to large corporations and wealthy Kentuckians at everyone else’s expense. The Senate is expected to vote as early as Thanksgiving night on the plan attempting to push it through by Friday.

  • A message from our new Chairman

    We probably don’t know each other yet, but I’ve just been selected to be chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

    Here’s what you need to know: my wife Becca and I have three-year-old twins. My family comes from Pike County, and I’ve spent most of my life in Lexington. I started a brewery. And I really don’t like politics.

  • Ben Self elected chair of Kentucky Democratic Party

    On Saturday, November 11, 2017, the Kentucky Democratic Party’s State Central Executive Committee elected Ben Self to serve as its new chair.


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